GP's Song of the Day: Billy Bragg

By Graeme Whitfield on Apr 23, 09 01:59 PM

To celebrate St George's Day, GP's SotD will today be the only song I can think of that mentions him: England Half English by Billy Bragg.

england_half_english_sm.jpgFrom an album of the same name that has the cross of St George as its cover, England Half English points out that the current multiculturalism of Britain (curry, cappucino, etc) has always been with us: "Britannia, she's half English, she speaks Latin at home/St George was born in the Lebanon, how he got here I don't know."

(I can't find England, Half English on YouTube so here's the single from the same album that Billy got into the charts in the week of the Queen's Golden Jubilee: Take Down the Union Jack.)

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